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a blog for food inspiration, excercises, fit & skinny motivation and tips.
lets all get fit together.

but i wonder,

do other people think im as fat as i think i am?

1. how often do you exercise?

like 5-6 times a week

2. what do you look for on thinspiration and health blogs?

like good food menus and stuff, inspiration photos, workouts and PROGRESS PHOTOS

3. what are some of your favourite thinspirations

ahhhh theres so many i would have to say prettyandfit,  finding-happiness-within and  justbreathe831 !

4. who is your main inspiration (celebrity, person?)

celebrity: AUDRINA PARTRIDGE ahh drool

person: my friend sera her progress is amazing and i was already so jealous of her and now… jealousy is an understatement

5. what is your biggest weakness foodwise?

chocolate hieklms nhjrewaijkl and carbs

and i skipped the rest of the questions cause i got bored (Y)

peace out xo